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Nanyang is odd industrial co., LTD. Is founded2005Years,Is a professional engaged in non-metallic minerals development、Production and sales of private enterprise。The company is located in four holy(SAN zhang heng,Medical sage zhang zhongjing,Saint zhuge liang,ShangSheng fan li)Hometown of nanyang in henan province,Mine in nanyang basin, west along the FuNiu mountains in eight hundred,Is one of the three big graphite producing,Factory is located in neixiang county zhao shop industrial zone,Close to312National highway,The shanghai-shaanxi expressway(G40)And west railway artery,The transportation is convenient。

The company's main products are natural flake graphite、Earthy graphite、Particles of graphite、Sepiolite powder、Fibrous brucite, carburant and so on。One of them,Natural flake graphite grade is high,Scales,Lubrication and conductive performance;Grain graphite is the company independent research and development,With the star products of the invention patent,Friction in friction products、De-noising、Fight decline and environmental protection is very significant;Sepiolite powder and brucite is replace toxic mineral asbestos ideal mineral fiber,The commonly used ingredients and oil drilling mud,In the field of building wall insulation materials also have a large number of applications。

Is industrialHas for over fifty years of graphite ore in two places,Sepiolite mines more than three hundred and water magnesium quarry with five,With advanced processing technology and equipment,Mature deep processing equipment of the production line,Perfect detection ability and strong ability of research and development。During years、Six thousand tons of high carbon graphite,Optimal Quality, and the mineral fibre(Sepiolite velvet、Fibrous brucite)Eight thousand tons,Recarburizer protection such as metallurgical materials twenty-five thousand tons。Above all kinds of products are complete in specifications,High quality and low price。

Rely on the advantageous resources superiority and obvious location advantages,The company long-term service in east China、South China、North and northwest of each big manufacturer,Some products are exported to Europe and the United States、Africa and southeast Asia。In the friction material、Refractory insulation materials、Metallurgical materials、Petroleum chemical industry、Electrical and mechanical manufacturing and other industries,Have a wide range of applications,Is product quality and company reputation,By the customer the consistent high praise。

Corporate vision:The ingredients for a qualified supplier

The spirit of enterprise:craftsmanship spiri,Enterprise conscience

Enterprise slogan:Pragmatic,Innovation,The collaboration,Win-win situation

Corporate mission:Services to customers,Achievement of employees,Return society。

Is industrialWill always adhere to honesty、Attaches great importance to the quality tenet,Forge ahead,Constantly improve,Wholeheartedly serve the masses of customers。At the same time,Company warmly welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit the guidance,The exchange of learning,Win-win cooperation!

Nanyang is industrial co., LTD,Specialize in Natural flake graphite Earthy graphite Particles of graphite Sepiolite velvet Sepiolite powder Sepiolite ishihara ore Brucite Carburant, etc,Please consult our interested customers,Contact phone number:A sales:15203887617   Sales 2:13703458649


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